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For cackymn
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing:  Gibbs/DiNozzo, a little McGee/Abby
Rating:  PG
Words: 100 X 5
Warnings:  Maybe “magical” means of making sexy times happens to two dumbasses who don’t do it themselves.  “Magical Abby”
Prompt:  Abby makes dark chocolate cupcakes for Halloween and before McGee can steal them out of the cooler, she makes sure Tony gets his and eats it in her presence. Tony makes a big gooey orgasmic deal out of eating the cupcake and Abby is doubled over with laughter when Gibbs walks in all business, only to be brought up short by the sight of Tony. He finds himself dealing with a sudden and unaccountable urge to lick the frosting off DiNozzo's face. What in Seven Hells is going on?  However you wanna frame this up is fine with me. Is there enchantment going on, making Gibbs and Tony come out at work? Suppressed desire? Friends-to-lovers? Established but not outed? Totally blindsided? Would like to see Gibbs coming on kind of strong here, even if he is confused. Any rating. ;-) Heh. Heh.

A/N:  I love an ‘in the know’ Vance – that’s all I’m saying.  Hope you enjoy it Cackymn!
Disclaimer:  I don’t own NCIS nor do I make money on this.  If I did Tibbs would have been canon since Season 1.

(Little) Death By Chocolate

“Tony! Tony!” Abby was running towards Tony, yelling excitably.  She skidded to a stop in front of his desk and sat a chocolate cupcake down for him.  “I made this for you.  Eat it!”

“Ooh…Abby that looks good,” Tim said as walked over.

Tony was staring at it.  “Thanks but it’s 8:30 in the morning.  It’s a little early to start on the Halloween sugar high.”

“If you don’t want it, Tony…” Tim said, reaching out.

Both Tony and Abby smacked his hand.

“It’s mine, McGrabby,” Tony said at the same time Abby blurted, “NO! Tony has to eat it!”


“Hey,” Tim pouted as he pulled his hand away.  “Don’t I get one?”

Abby rolled her eyes. “Of course, but yours is downstairs.  I made you a special one that I put all my heart into.”

Tim blushed.

Tony eyed his own cupcake suspiciously, “I’m not sure if that’s sweet or oddly disgusting.  What’s in here? Not your heart, I hope.”

Abby smacked him. “Tony!” She suddenly seemed more nervous.  She was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.  “Just try it!  I made it just for you – without my heart.  I promise!”

Tony took a bite.


“Hey Loverboy, you saving any of that for anyone else?” Gibbs said jokingly as he turned the corner just as Tony was swallowing another bite. “A minute on the lips and all that…”

“This is real good, Boss,” Tony said around a mouthful.  Chocolate frosting was smeared around his lips.  He was halfway through the cupcake he said he didn’t want.

“You make that, Abbs?” Gibbs asked.  He stared at Tony and without considering the implications, he reached over and swiped frosting off Tony’s face and tasted it.  Gibbs moaned in pleasure.

Abby grinned, “I made it just for you.”


“That…is good,” Gibbs said, as he leaned over the desk.  “Really good.”  He took another swipe of frosting off the cupcake and held it to Tony’s lips.

Tony leaned forward, looking at Gibbs and sucked it off as if they weren’t standing in the middle of the bullpen.  Gibbs licked his own lips in anticipation.  Tony looked good…good enough to eat.

“Really…good,” Tony repeated.  Gibbs pulled Tony forward and began kissing him, licking the frosting off of his lips.  Tony crawled over the desk to Gibbs, following his mouth.

“Elevator, now,” Gibbs ordered softly, ignoring the stunned coworkers around them. 


McGee stood frozen watching Gibbs and Tony kissing passionately.  Their hands began groping each other as they tumbled backwards into the elevator.

“What the hell…”

“Yup – I made it just for them,” Abby snickered wickedly.

“And it’s about damn time, too,” Vance said, watching the proceedings from the staircase.  “Well – what are you all standing around for?  Show’s over.  Get back to work!”

“Did you...What was in that cupcake?” McGee asked.

“Some special ingredients to make them finally see what they’ve been missing.”  She took McGee’s hand and led him away.  “I have one for you, too.”

Tim eagerly followed.


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