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For Lilyseyes

Fandom:  Harry Potter

Pairing: Snape/Harry

Prompt:  Severus teaches Harry about Samhain.  Fluffy / humorous would be lovely!

Rating: PG

Words:  100 X 2

Warnings: None



A/N:  I opted to choose a tradition that I think would be very meaningful to Snape and Harry.  My sister is Wiccan so she described this ceremony to me.  I know I haven’t included all aspects of this ceremony but I wanted to keep it simple and focused on the important part for Snape and Harry.  I hope I’ve interpreted this correctly. 


Disclaimer:  I don’t own Harry Potter nor do I make any money on this.  If I did – Snape and Harry would have both had better lives.


Dumb Supper


“You’ve done this every year?  In honor of my mother?” Harry asked.


“Certainly not for your father,” Snape replied, a bitter taste stilled lingered about James.


“You really loved her?”


Snape paused thoughtfully, “I did, but I realize now it’s not the kind of love I thought it was. It was affectionate rather than passionate.  Not like us.”


“I should hope not!” Harry laughed, taking Snape’s arm in his.


Snape smiled softly at his new husband. “I didn’t know what love was.  She was the just first person to treat me as if I mattered.”


“She was right,” Harry replied.




They entered the dining room, lit only in candlelight.


Four place settings were laid out.  Snape held out a chair for Harry, opposite of the setting where a photograph of Lily sat.


Snape lit some dried sage and offered a blessing to the Goddess whose setting was placed at the head of the table.  He served up food to each of them. 


No words were spoken as they ate, although Harry took Snape’s hand gently in his.


Snape was sure he heard Lily’s voice thanking him for loving her son.  He thanked her and the Goddess for Harry in return.




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