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For denyce
Fandom:  NCIS/Supernatural Crossover
Pairing:  Tony/Dean
Prompt:  At the movies
Words:  100 X 8 – dear god this is no longer a drabble but a ficlet!  And there’s plot, not much but plot!  How did that happen?
Rating:  PG-13 – sadly, unfortunately PG-13 but if I’d added sex this could not be a drabble anymore as it would have gone on awhile!
Warnings:  None except some language and abuse of Jason Vorhees but he totally deserves that.

A/N:  I can’t honestly remember if the pitchfork death in the movie actually had it coming out of the screen in 3-D or not – so let’s pretend it did.  Do the same for anything popping out of the movie.

Disclaimer:   I don’t own NCIS or Supernatural.  I also don’t make any money out of this.   Darn.

Friday the 31st

Tony shouldn’t be here.  It wasn’t his case. It was just the first Halloween he hadn’t worked and he was restless.  He still hated the holiday.  He also hated that someone killed a petty officer in the alley outside of this theater; the third one. The victims were similar – male, mid-thirties/mid-forties, caucasian, brunette, about 6 feet tall.  The other two victims were civilians so NCIS and FBI were arguing over jurisdiction. 

He saw a man meeting the profile of previous victims entering the theater, alone.  Tony decided to follow in case tonight was number four.  It was Halloween after all.


It was a Friday the 13th Festival.  All the Jason Vorhees you could never want.  He bought popcorn and soda and stepped into the theater.  It was empty. Not creepy - right.

The lights dimmed and the movie started as Tony debated sitting down or going back to the lobby.  He noticed the man in the doorway, his body shadowed by the light behind him.  Tony sat now that he knew the other man was there.

Aw crap – This was the third installment – the 3-D one.

The man sat down behind Tony.  In an empty theater.

Nope – not creepy at all.


His nerves were on edge knowing the man was right behind him.  Maybe he wasn’t a potential victim.  Maybe he was the perp.  Tony had a sudden realization that he himself also fit the profile.

Crap again.

He needed to figure out a subtle way to take a closer look at the man.

Just then, a pitchfork was suddenly thrust into Tony’s face by virtue of the 3-D action on the screen.  His soda and popcorn went flying as Tony jumped up.

“Dude!  What the hell?”  The man behind him shouted.

There went the need for Tony to be subtle.


“I’m so sorry.  Let me pay to clean that.  I’m Tony.  Guess I’m just jumpy,” Tony said by way of introduction.  He hoped the other man would offer up his name.

“It’s Dean.  No worries, it’ll wash.  Just, cold soda on my crotch?  Not pleasant.”

Tony smiled charmingly, hoping the man might open up.

 “Maybe we could find something more ‘pleasant,’” Tony drawled.

Dean looked at him in confusion.

“For your crotch?”  Tony explained.

Dean looked even more confused.

“I’m trying to flirt here, work with me.”

Dean’s mouth gaped opened then he seemed to get it.  “Uh…sure.  Sounds good.”


Tony was usually good using flirting to get information from people.  Dean wasn’t buying as in he wasn’t sharing any useful information.  He admitted he was just passing through town but, other than that, all he did was sit next to Tony and steal the little remaining popcorn left in the bag and watch the movie.  And he sometimes ran his fingers up Tony’s thigh which was very distracting.  If Dean was the perp, then Tony was on guard and would hopefully be able to stop him.  If he wasn’t, then maybe he would save Dean from being number four.


Yet another weapon was being hurled towards Tony.  3-D sucked.  He couldn’t help his reaction as he ducked to the side.

“Got you now, motherfucker!” Dean yelled.

Tony looked up and Dean was holding a meat cleaver right over Tony’s head.

Triple Crap!

Dean was the killer.  Where the hell was he hiding that thing? Except he realized that Dean wasn’t facing him.  His back was to Tony.

Then he saw a ghostly apparition of Jason appear before Dean.  Dean swung the cleaver through the phantom’s body. “That’s iron, bitch.”

The figure screamed and disappeared.

“What the hell?” Tony muttered.


“The joy of movies.  It’s all make-believe.  I said the cleaver was iron and it believed me,” Dean explained.

Tony was struggling with the entire concept.  Somehow the film itself had become possessed and created an apparition out of the fictional character of Jason Vorhees.  How in the hell was he going to explain this?  The case was closed but there was no logical reason to put it to bed.

As to the victims’ profiles, Dean had no answer.  Maybe the ghost had a thing for tall, brunette men when it was alive or had been rejected by one.  Eh…ghosts.


“So – we going to your place?” Dean asked.

Tony was now the one confused. It must’ve shown on his face.

“You know – get me out of my clothes…” Dean teased.  “Get you out of yours.”

Tony was gobsmacked.  He had only flirted to get information.  He hadn’t actually meant to do anything but Dean was very handsome and it had been too long for Tony.

“We could.”

“Good.  What kind of detergent do you use?  My skin is very sensitive to laundry detergent.”

Tony flushed at the misunderstanding.

Dean laughed.  “Kidding.  We’re totally going to bone. Hunting makes me horny.”



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