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For jiniz
Fandom:  SPN/Buffy Crossover
Pairing;  Spike/ Balthazar
Prompt:  Out-snarking each other
Words: 100 X 8
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Sexual situation, alcohol, playing poker with kittens

A/N:  Not exactly sure when this is just sometime after Spike is resouled and before Sunnydale blew up.  Let’s pretend there’s a Halloween in there in case there’s not because I can’t remember the exact timeline.  Not sure how much actual out-snarking I got in here but I hope you like it!  And so sorry for the lack of porn.  Not sure what's happening - I think I broke my porn bone or something!

Disclaimer:  I do not own Buffy or Supernatural.  Nor do I make money on this.  If I did, Buffy would kick Metatron's ass.

Upping the Stakes

Halloween was a dull night and Spike was bored.  He almost wanted to kill someone just to relieve himself but now that he was all resouled it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.
Drinking and poker it was.  He looked in his wallet and grimaced.  Maybe he could rob someone on the way?  Thoughts of Buffy beating him before taking the money back made him hesitate.  He smiled at the thought.  If she wasn’t going to sex him up anymore, he’d take the beat-down.

Nah…that was too Drusilla ago.  He’d just have to win what he needed.


“Are you some kind of British Redcoat?” Willy, the bartender, asked looking askance at Spike.  He was serving a very human looking man several seats down.  Spike couldn’t get a sense of what he was so he ignored the man and focused on Willy.

“Not likely.  Just give me the free drink,” Spike ordered.

‘Free drinks are for costumes, Spike.”

“You ever seen me wear this before?” Spike asked, hauling Willy towards him grinning with his extra pointy fangs.

Willy shook his head.  Spike could still scare Willy.  It’s what made him Spike’s favorite bartender.

“Then it’s a bloody costume.”


Spike was slightly ahead in the game when the man from the bar came in.  He was lean and attractive, not that Spike was paying attention.  Okay – maybe he was.  He was still bored. The game was too easy and the usual opponents were too predictable.  He needed something more exciting.  Maybe he ought to go scare some kiddies.

“Mind if I join?” he asked with a smirk.

“If you’ve got the stakes,” Clem replied.  “No offense, Spike.”

“Oh…bloody haha.  Deal up.”

“You’re a vampire?” The man asked as he sat down.

“Yeah…what are you anyways?”

“Interested.  My name’s Balthazar.”


Two hours later, Balthazar had cleaned everyone out but Spike, although he was down to his last coins and kitten.

“What kind of name is Balthazar?” Spike asked.  Balthazar stilled smelled human and it irritated him that he was losing to this smug bastard. “Was your father deranged?”

“Maybe.” Balthazar replied.  “You think Spike is better?”

“Yeah – though it’s more of a descriptor than a name.”

“Oh?  A feeble attempt at describing your dick?”

“No. It’s how I used to kill people.  Railroad spikes.”  Spike smiled sweetly.  Maybe he could make Balthazar nervous.

Balthazar just smiled.  “Now that’s very interesting.”


Spike really was irritated.  He knew Balthazar let him win the last round but he didn’t know why.  Not that it was helping.  He was bound to lose this hand.  He actually was going to have to mug someone tonight and hope Buffy never found out.

“Why didn’t you just tell Willy that you were Captain John Hart?” Balthazar asked.  “You do look very like him. Nice details on the jacket.”

Spike spluttered.

Balthazar smirked again. “So what – I watch Torchwood.  That Captain Jack is pretty hot.  Hart is much hotter though.”  He was clearly flirting.  “You in or out?”


Balthazar ordered a another bottle of Jack to share. Spike didn’t mind.  It was sort of like he was paying for it anyways since Balthazar paid for it from his winnings.

“What’s your costume?” Spike asked.  “Dressing as a human?”

“An angel,” Balthazar answered.

“A V-neck tee-shirt and a black jacket does not scream servant of the Lord.”

Balthazar laughed. “Well, I was out of fig leaves and white sheets.”

Spike snorted.  The man may be smug but he was funny. “You’re not broody enough to be an Angel.”

“You’ve met my brother?” Balthazar looked very confused.

“Angel’s your brother?”


Spike realized he lost.  The conversation had confused him to the point he forgot he was trying to bluff.

“Bullocks, I’m out,” Spike said as he stood to leave.

“Wait.” Balthazar stood as well.  “If you want to keep playing, you have something else to offer up.”

“I’m done.  Thanks for the awful game and confusing conversation.”

“I smell a soul on you,” Balthazar said, stopping Spike in his tracks.  “A vampire with a soul.  That’s unique.”

“Not as unique as you’d think,” Spike replied. “And, no, I’m not willing to risk that.  It took too much to get it.”


Balthazar had offered to give him his winnings if Spike would sit and ‘drink’ with him.  Nice euphemism. Convenient that the poker room wasn’t the only back room there was in Willy’s Place.  You could rent rooms if you needed privacy.  Spike still wasn’t sure what Balthazar was, but he had at least entertained Spike so what the hell.  He didn’t care if he felt a bit like a rent boy – the sex had been great.

“I find humans dull.  I find most living creatures dull.”

“That’s ‘cause most of them are,” Spike replied.

“But I find you extremely interesting.”



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