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For Me
Fandom:   Stargate SG-1
Pairing:   Cameron/Daniel
Prompt:  Ancient artefacts
Words:  100 X 6
Rating: PG
Warning:  None

A/N:  There’s just not enough Cam/Daniel out there.  This needs to be rectified.  Note for this – it would have taken place when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was in effect so Cam, as a military man, would hesitate despite his own desires.  Let’s assume he will overcome that issue…

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Stargate nor do I make money on this but if I did, Daniel and Cam would wear leather a lot more frequently.  Or they’d wear nothing at all.

Assume Makes an Ass Out of You and Me – Oh, But What an Ass It Is

“You going to the Halloween party or spending the night playing with Dead and Dusty, here?” Cameron asked as he walked into Daniel’s office.  As usual, his desk was strewn with his latest finds but the rest of his office also overflowed with the abundance of items that Daniel had found on P3X-492.

Daniel pursed his lips and pushed up his glasses.  “Uh… not my kind of thing.”

“Vala’s wearing a sexy nurse’s costume,” Cam cajoled.

Daniel grimaced.  “I’m definitely not going.”

Cam laughed.  He was aware of Daniel’s discomfort around Vala.  She chased, he ran.  Cam wasn’t sure why.


Cam picked up a tarnished gold, flat disk on a chain and inspected it as he sat in the nearest chair.  He didn’t know why but whenever he was in Daniel’s office, he felt the need to touch everything.

“Put that down.” Daniel glared at him.

That’s right, Cam loved to agitate Daniel.  A flustered Daniel was a funny Daniel.

“Why, it’s sort of cool.  It would make me look so perfect tonight.”

“Give me that,” Daniel grabbed the disk and a sudden shock of electricity went through them.

Daniel looked up at him. “You look perfect as it is.”


As shocked as Cam was to hear it, Daniel looked as if he had been equally shocked to say it.


Daniel bit his lip as if he was trying not to open his mouth.  “You…look…perfect…”

Cam watched Daniel’s cheeks turn flaming red.

“Handsome…sexy…arghhh,” Daniel screamed.

Cam smiled.  “You think I’m sexy?”

Daniel looked aggravated.  “Yes…” he hissed.  A sudden switch went off in Cam’s head.  Is this why Daniel wasn’t going for Vala?

“Are you…interested in me?” Cam asked, haltingly.  He was sure Daniel would throw the disk away and storm out.

Daniel hunched over, clearly mortified.  “Yes…I…want you.”


Cam wasn’t sure how to respond.  Daniel was very attractive but he had his military career to think of and he’d spent a lifetime suppressing desires for other men – especially teammates.

“I’m flattered but I’m not attracted…” he stuttered as he tried to yank his hand away. “What the hell?”

He realized he couldn’t drop the disk.  He looked at Daniel who wasn’t looking at him, but was staring at the runes.

Daniel looked up.  “Do you want me?  You don’t have to do anything about it, just tell the truth.”

Aw…damn…it was some kind of truth-telling disk, wasn’t it?


Cam hemmed and hawed.  Okay he could do this.  Daniel had already admitted it, he could too.  They didn’t have to act on it, right?

“Okay – yes.  I think you’re hot.”  He felt a surge of heat at the look of surprise on Daniel’s face.

“You fantasize about me?”  This time Daniel smiled.  “Ever touch yourself picturing me in your bed?”

“Aw…did you have to ask that?  Okay – fine, yes,” Cam admitted.

“I imagine you, too.  Naked, screaming my name.”  The mortified Daniel was gone.  Cam didn’t know this Daniel who leaned forward and took Cam’s lips in his own.


“Why isn’t this thing letting go?  We’ve told the truth.  That’s what this thing does, right?  It should have let us go.  Unless we have to declare our undying love or something?”  Cam was panicking.  That kiss felt too good.

Daniel reached back to his desk and grabbed a bottle of liquid. He poured it over their hands.  The disk fell between them.

“No – just some kind of ancient super glue on it.  It just needed solvent.  You want to skip the party and go spend the night playing with Hot and Horny here?”

Cam flushed.  He’d been totally played.



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