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For Me
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Prompt: Costume party
Words: 100 X 6
Rating: PG
Warnings: None but fluff.

A/N I am going to go out and say this is a part of the Wednesday Night Lover verse although you don’t need to know it – just that Derek and Stiles are together and it’s about 4 years after canon.

Also – as this is the last day of the 13 Days of Halloween Slashabbles, I’ve added a little manip of this drabble to celebrate. I hope you like it and you’ve enjoyed the drabbles. Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf nor do I make money on this. If I did, I think we know who Stiles would end up with.

One Enchanted Evening


Stiles tried not to fidget. He wasn’t used to wearing a suit – or a mask for that matter. It was for a good cause so he put up with it. It was the first (and, hopefully, annual) Beacon Hills Preserve Fundraising Ball. The theme was “Enchanted Woodlands.” The finest of Beacon Hills citizenry were in attendance and dressed accordingly. Lydia recognized that most of the wealthy upper crust didn’t go in for traditional Halloween parties, but would embrace the elegance of a “Costume Ball.” She was right. Fanciful masks of all sorts were displayed above expensive suits and shimmering gowns.


“Everyone looks so beautiful,” Kira said as she got a drink.

Stiles was manning the punch bowl. Lydia didn’t trust him to be a server like most of the pack. Considering the likelihood of him accidentally dumping a tray of drinks on Mr. Whittemore, he agreed.

“Didn’t go for the obvious choice, huh?” Stiles asked. Kira was wearing a long chestnut gown with a hawk’s mask.

“Scott did, so we decided to interpret Ladyhawke.”

“Nice.” Stiles replied.

Kira grinned. “Also, Lydia said you usurped my fox spirit animal and said, and I quote, “It’s tacky to wear the same thing.”


Stiles watched the dark-haired wolf across the room. Unlike Scott’s dark brown mask, this one was crafted from black leather decorated in red highlights. The man that wore it cut a handsome figure in a well-cut charcoal suit and a red tie. The dark stubble only served to highlight his strong jawline.

Stiles appreciated the view.

Until a woman dressed in solid green blocked it.

“What are you, exactly?” Stiles asked curiously.

“Poison ivy. Don’t touch me.”

Stiles grimaced. Malia was now tetchy with Stiles like she was with everyone else.

“Lydia said you’re on break. Give me the ladle.”


Stiles stood on the side watching everyone. He was surprised when the Belle of the Ball, Lydia, held out her hand. “I’m done waiting for someone to dance with me and you’re free.”

“You look beautiful, Lyds,” Stile said, taking her arm. And she was – dressed in a beautiful green and blue dress highlighted with peacock feathers on her mask.

They danced for awhile until they were interrupted.

“May I?” a soft, masculine voice asked.

Lydia nodded and stepped away but not before winking at Stiles, “About time.”

And it was. Derek rarely wanted to highlight their relationship in public.


“You sure? You know Wolves and Foxes aren’t supposed to get along?” Stiles teased.

“Sure they do. It just not obvious to other people,” Derek smiled. He took Stiles in his arm and danced slowly with him. Stiles hesitated at first but relaxed when he felt the lack of tension in his husband’s arms.

He knew Derek wasn’t embarrassed by Stiles. He just didn’t like publicizing his private life. It was too easy for enemies to use that information. Maybe Derek was finally learning to accept that he had more friends than enemies now.

Stiles smiled and held Derek closer.


“You were right. Lydia did a great job of organizing it,” Derek said as they got out of the car.

“She’s a natural. You were too. I saw you schmoozing with all the guests.”

Derek was now the director of the Preserve but socializing was part of the job he liked least. “I’d have rather schmoozed with you,” Derek said. He kissed Stiles softly and walked him backwards into their home.

“I hope the sacrifice was worth it.”

“We raised almost $250,000 dollars.”

Stiles’ eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Besides, the evening isn’t over. We can dance all night,” Derek said.

The end.

Here are close ups of the masks I envisioned them wearing.
white mask webBlack mask web


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