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I’ve had a bit of a writing dry spell so I thought I’d kickstart it with doing another 13 Days of Halloween Slashabbles (Slash Drabbles) beginning October 19th – October 31st.  I did this back in 2011 but the last two years, RL kept me from a repeat performance but I’m going to do it this year so I need prompts! (Read more below for details!!)

If you want to read the last rounds – they are posted on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/553634 or on the journal here.  Just search on #13DaysofHalloweenSlashables.

Want to play? Give me a SLASH pairing option from one of the below fandoms (crossovers are welcome) and a word/couple word prompt or a sentence related to Halloween/Samhain.  Preferably not as generic as “Vampire” or “Ghost” – maybe something like “Howling on a Hunter's Moon.”  Note major squicks and I will avoid them.  If you have a strong kink you’d like to see – I’ll see if I can work it in.  I may or may not write porn for a specific prompt, but do tell me if you don't want it.

Also – if you want - let me know if you want ‘Treats’ (Lighter Fic) or ‘Tricks’ (Darker Fic) or ’Popcorn Ball’ for somewhere in between!  It’s Halloween so I could go to some scary places but won’t if you prefer a lighter treat.  If you don’t care – leave it blank.  Please look at the previous round if you want to see what they mean.

I’ll take slash pairings (or three or moresomes) from the following fandoms (note new fandom options this time around!):
NCIS, Teen Wolf, Dark Angel, Stargate, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Grimm, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, Ghost Hunt, Descendants of Darkness, Sherlock Holmes (any verse), Star Trek (any verse), Dr. Who, Firefly, Buffyverse or Eureka. 

If there’s a fandom you’re interested in that's not listed – ask –I may try it if I know it (and if it's anime, yaoi manga or Science Fiction - odds are I do).  While I have OTPs for most of these fandoms, I am willing to try different pairings for this exercise so I won’t limit the actual pairing – just so it’s a slash pair/three or moresome.

If I don’t get 13 offers (and odds are I won’t) - I’ll just make up my own since this is a challenge to me to get some writing done!  I’m feeling the need to be inspired so feel free to leave more than one requests.  I’ll make sure the first 13 prompts from 13 people get written first, but if I don’t have 13 people, then I’ll come back and write additional prompts. 


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