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For Denyce

Title:  Candy is Dandy
Fandom:  Dark Angel
Pairing:  Alec/Logan
Words: 100 X 4
Rating:  PG-13
Warning:  Sexy slashy fun times – if you call that a warning.  I call it a Treat!
Prompt:   They take Joshua out trick or treating - Logan's addicted to one particular candy. At first Alec thinks Logan's just hopped up on sugar before realizing the candy is tainted and it's getting worse - what those effects are up to you and your muse ;)

Disclaimer – I do not own Dark Angel nor do I make any money on this.  It is owned by smarter and richer people than me.

Candy Is Dandy

“I found a solution to our problem,” Alec said as he walked in.

“What problem?” Logan asked without turning from his computer.

“How to take Joshua trick or treating without scaring everyone.”

“Uh huh…”

“The Dark Haunts Carnival is hosting an adult Halloween party.”


“They’re offering trick or treating for anyone in costume.”

“Yeah…” Logan was still glued to the screen.

Alec sighed.  “First prize goes to sexiest transgenic.”

“Uh huh…”

“I’m going as your naked love-slave.”


“Maybe that will this problem of you never paying any attention to me,” Alec muttered.

“Whatever -  I gotta finish this.”


“Joshua tricked not treated.” Joshua sounded sad as he looked at his ‘treat’.

“What do you mean, buddy?” Alec asked.

“Not chocolate.  Look like medicine,” he grimaced.

“They had Sweet Tarts!” Logan said excitedly as he rejoined them from the Cupid’s Arrow stand.  “I never find these!” He was quickly eating them.   He looked at Joshua.  “I’ll trade you my peanut butter cups.  I hate them.”

“Dude, who hates peanut butter cups?” Alec asked.  He hadn’t seen Logan this giddy in a while.

“Your Roman Senator, Gladiator,” Logan quipped indicating his own costume and then eagerly devoured the second bag.


“Hey, Gladiator…you ready to do your duty to Rome, once again?” Logan purred as he ran his hands over Alec’s flushed skin.  Logan had loudly complained that Alec was trying to fulfil Normal’s fantasies when he’d first seen the skimpy outfit.

Now Logan was fulfilling fantasies Alec wasn’t even aware he had.  Alec was panting heavily under Logan’s thorough ministrations. He loved the very close attention Logan was paying to him.  Logan rarely took the initiative. He was usually shy in bed but tonight he was being very dominant and going enthusiastically for yet another strenuous round. Alec loved it.


Alec felt pleasantly sore. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into Logan but he was sure happy Logan had gotten into him. Their relationship was sometimes strained but Alec knew if Logan relaxed and lowered his inhibitions, they’d be perfect together.

“I’m sorry…not sure what…” Logan stammered.

Alec rolled over to see Logan looking apologetic.  “Why? You were awesome!

“I think that candy…”

Alec put a hand up.  “Did you enjoy it?”

Logan nodded, hesitantly.

“So did I.  Blame the candy if you want, but don’t apologize. I just hope we don’t need candy for a repeat performance.”

Logan grinned.

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