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For jiniz
Title: Faith After Hours
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural Crossover
Pairing: Faith/Jo
Prompt:  Jo Trusting Faith (or having a grudging respect for her)
Rating:  PG-13 more or less
Word Count:  100 X 4
Warnings:  None really except two lovely women having sexy times and the author's first attempt at writing femslash.
A/N:  My first ever femslash piece.  I really love both Faith and Jo and hope I did them a little justice in this short piece although I clearly know Faith better than Jo!  Not sure if I really did justice to the prompt but trust is a tough thing to achieve in a drabble!

I’m taking the BtVS take on Halloween that nothing supernatural happens but the SPN take that they’d all be ready just in case – hence no one in the bar!  Also – I have no idea when this takes place – sometime between SPN’s Good God Y’all and Abandon All Hope, I guess.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Buffy or Supernatural but if I did more women would live on Supernatural and there’d be a lot more fun times for everyone!

Faith After Hours

“Nice place you got.  Love the Halloween decorations.”  Jo looked up from the bar to see a beautiful brunette striding across the floor.  Jo wondered if she was a Hunter as she had that shadowed look of exhaustion that Dean always had.

The bar was empty but the evening was young.

“It’s my mom’s bar. If you’re going to drink, I’ll need some id.”

The girl rolled her dark eyes but pulled out a California driver’s license.  ‘Faith Lehane’.

“See, all grown up.”

“What would you like?” Jo asked.

“To get drunk, high and laid – not necessarily in that order.”


“To get drunk, high and laid – not necessarily in that order,” Faith said.

“I can only help with the first one,” Jo replied.

“Really?” Faith eyed her up and down.  Jo blushed when she realized Faith was checking her out.  The girl grinned widely, “See, I’m thinking you could do more than that, Blondie.”

“Don’t call me that.  Name’s Jo.”

“OK Jo, Whiskey.  The cheapest you got.”

Jo poured.  Faith swallowed.

“So, what’s the dealio?” Faith asked, looking around.

“No one ever comes in on Halloween.”

“Cool…” Faith grabbed her shirt and pulled her forward.  “…’Cause I’m gonna kiss you.”


Jo wasn’t sure how she ended up in the back room after closing, only that she probably should have said no when Faith kissed her because Faith was clear she was only passing through.

She hadn’t.

It wasn’t like her to sleep around – and never a woman - but something about Faith appealed to her and she had the bar to herself for a change.  Not that she was all that experienced but Jo felt like a blushing virgin with the way Faith took her apart.  Her tongue and fingers knew exactly what they were doing.

Faith was fucking amazing.


“I just need to get high and I’ll be five-by-five.” Faith said walking out front to the bar, still naked.

“Can’t help you.  I can’t even move,” Jo yelled.  Faith had incredible stamina and imagination but Jo felt like she had kept up.  She’d wrung several intense orgasms out of Faith.  All-in-all, she was proud of her new-found skills.

Faith came in holding a candy bowl from the bar.  “Wrong again.”  She swallowed a handful of Candy Corn and grinned.  “After that stellar performance, I need a major sugar high before I go another round.”

Jo had Faith. She could.
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