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For:  LeiLadleLei
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Prompt:  Something in the Brats universe -  Magpie could visit or something... (see Author's note for explanation)
Rating: PG
Words: 100 X 3
Warnings:  Maybe a little homophobia and lack of knowledge of NCIS on a neighbor’s part?  Not much but enough to piss Maggie off.

A/N:  This is part of the Brats, Badges and Hoses universe per the prompter’s request.  All you need to know about that verse for this drabble is that Maggie is the daughter of Tony’s long-time friends, Pete and Angie,  from out of town and she sort of helped get Tony and Gibbs together.  For this drabble, Tony and Gibbs are babysitting for Halloween.   If you want to read the original story – you can find it here:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/1022798

Disclaimer:  I do not own NCIS nor do I make money from this.  I just love tibbs-shaped fun!

Good and Plenty

“Aren’t you darling?” The older woman held out the bowl for Maggie.  “Are you an investigator?”

“I’m an NCIS Agent,” Maggie responded as she took a box.  “I’m here to investigate your candy.”

“NCIS?  Is that like CSI?” the woman asked.

“Only if you’re dyslexic,” Maggie replied, sarcastically.

“Maggie!”  Tony was horrified. “Apologize now!”

“She gets that from you,” Gibbs whispered to Tony.

“I’m sorry,” Maggie offered.

“Accepted.  It’s nice your Dad and Grandfather also dressed up.”

“That’s my Uncle Tony and his boyfriend!”

The woman looked uncomfortably between the men.  “Oh...um..well…that’s nice?”

Maggie stomped away.

“It is,” Gibbs said.


“I’m assuming that’s a neighbor you don’t know,” Tony said.  They were several blocks away from Gibbs’ house.

“I don’t spend that much time at home.”

“You do now,” Tony winked at him.

“OK – not outside then.”

“We could change that -  a little backyard play.”

“We do that plenty,” Gibbs teased.

“Not what I meant – and it’s never enough,” Tony replied.

They caught up to Maggie.  “Don’t want her stupid candy anyways.  Who gives out Good and Plenties anyways?  That should be a crime,” she huffed.

“That doesn’t excuse your behavior,” Gibbs said.  “We should call it a night.”


Tony didn’t want to end Halloween on a sour note so he let Maggie visit a few more houses.  The last one gave out regular-sized Hershey Bars and gave each of them two bars.  To Maggie’s delight, he even knew what NCIS was.

After Maggie ‘investigated’ the ‘evidence’ she collected, she went to bed.

“Thanks for letting her stay this weekend.  I appreciate it,” Tony said as he snuggled closer.

“How are you going to show this ‘appreciation’?”

“I’ll give you a box of Good and Plenties,” Tony teased.

“I’ll give you Good and Plenty…later,” Gibbs whispered before kissing him.



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