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Yes, I've been quiet for awhile. RL continues to be challenging including a move to another state and a pc crash and burn. Finding the writing muse has been tough. I have a ton of things started but then I get stuck! Still, I want to do another 13 Days of Halloween Slashabbles (Slash Drabbles) beginning October 19th – October 31st to celebrate my favorite holiday and favorite men! And since these are short, they'll get done!

If you want to read the last rounds – they are posted on AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/users/K8BNimble or on the journal here. Just search on #13DaysofHalloweenSlashables.

Want to play?

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For Me
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Prompt: Costume party
Words: 100 X 6
Rating: PG
Warnings: None but fluff.

One Enchanted Evening )

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For Me
Fandom:   Stargate SG-1
Pairing:   Cameron/Daniel
Prompt:  Ancient artefacts
Words:  100 X 6
Rating: PG
Warning:  None

Assume Makes an Ass Out of You & Me )
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For jiniz
Fandom:  SPN/Buffy Crossover
Pairing;  Spike/ Balthazar
Prompt:  Out-snarking each other
Words: 100 X 8
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Sexual situation, alcohol, playing poker with kittens

Upping the Stakes )
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For denyce
Fandom:  NCIS/Supernatural Crossover
Pairing:  Tony/Dean
Prompt:  At the movies
Words:  100 X 8 – dear god this is no longer a drabble but a ficlet!  And there’s plot, not much but plot!  How did that happen?
Rating:  PG-13 – sadly, unfortunately PG-13 but if I’d added sex this could not be a drabble anymore as it would have gone on awhile!
Warnings:  None except some language and abuse of Jason Vorhees but he totally deserves that.

Friday the 31st )
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For Lilyseyes

Fandom:  Harry Potter

Pairing: Snape/Harry

Prompt:  Severus teaches Harry about Samhain.  Fluffy / humorous would be lovely!

Rating: PG

Words:  100 X 2

Warnings: None




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For cackymn
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing:  Gibbs/DiNozzo, a little McGee/Abby
Rating:  PG
Words: 100 X 5
Warnings:  Maybe “magical” means of making sexy times happens to two dumbasses who don’t do it themselves.  “Magical Abby”
Prompt:  Abby makes dark chocolate cupcakes for Halloween and before McGee can steal them out of the cooler, she makes sure Tony gets his and eats it in her presence. Tony makes a big gooey orgasmic deal out of eating the cupcake and Abby is doubled over with laughter when Gibbs walks in all business, only to be brought up short by the sight of Tony. He finds himself dealing with a sudden and unaccountable urge to lick the frosting off DiNozzo's face. What in Seven Hells is going on?  However you wanna frame this up is fine with me. Is there enchantment going on, making Gibbs and Tony come out at work? Suppressed desire? Friends-to-lovers? Established but not outed? Totally blindsided? Would like to see Gibbs coming on kind of strong here, even if he is confused. Any rating. ;-) Heh. Heh.

(Little) Death by Chocolate )
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For Me!
Fandom:  Teen Wolf
Pairing:  Derek Hale/Chris Argent
Prompt:  Howling at the Hunter’s Moon
Rating: PG -13
Words:  100
Warning: Bad puns

Howling at the Hunters Moon )
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For:  LeiLadleLei
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Prompt:  Something in the Brats universe -  Magpie could visit or something... (see Author's note for explanation)
Rating: PG
Words: 100 X 3
Warnings:  Maybe a little homophobia and lack of knowledge of NCIS on a neighbor’s part?  Not much but enough to piss Maggie off.

Good and Plenty )
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For jiniz
Title: Faith After Hours
Fandom: Buffy/Supernatural Crossover
Pairing: Faith/Jo
Prompt:  Jo Trusting Faith (or having a grudging respect for her)
Rating:  PG-13 more or less
Word Count:  100 X 4
Warnings:  None really except two lovely women having sexy times and the author's first attempt at writing femslash.
Faith After Hours )
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For Denyce

Title:  Candy is Dandy
Fandom:  Dark Angel
Pairing:  Alec/Logan
Words: 100 X 4
Rating:  PG-13
Warning:  Sexy slashy fun times – if you call that a warning.  I call it a Treat!
Prompt:   They take Joshua out trick or treating - Logan's addicted to one particular candy. At first Alec thinks Logan's just hopped up on sugar before realizing the candy is tainted and it's getting worse - what those effects are up to you and your muse ;)

Candy Is Dandy )

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I’ve had a bit of a writing dry spell so I thought I’d kickstart it with doing another 13 Days of Halloween Slashabbles (Slash Drabbles) beginning October 19th – October 31st.  I did this back in 2011 but the last two years, RL kept me from a repeat performance but I’m going to do it this year so I need prompts! (Read more below for details!!)

If you want to read the last rounds – they are posted on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/553634 or on the journal here.  Just search on #13DaysofHalloweenSlashables.

Want to play? Give me a SLASH pairing option from one of the below fandoms (crossovers are welcome) and a word/couple word prompt or a sentence related to Halloween/Samhain.  Preferably not as generic as “Vampire” or “Ghost” – maybe something like “Howling on a Hunter's Moon.”  Note major squicks and I will avoid them.  If you have a strong kink you’d like to see – I’ll see if I can work it in.  I may or may not write porn for a specific prompt, but do tell me if you don't want it.

Also – if you want - let me know if you want ‘Treats’ (Lighter Fic) or ‘Tricks’ (Darker Fic) or ’Popcorn Ball’ for somewhere in between!  It’s Halloween so I could go to some scary places but won’t if you prefer a lighter treat.  If you don’t care – leave it blank.  Please look at the previous round if you want to see what they mean.

I’ll take slash pairings (or three or moresomes) from the following fandoms (note new fandom options this time around!):
NCIS, Teen Wolf, Dark Angel, Stargate, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Grimm, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, Ghost Hunt, Descendants of Darkness, Sherlock Holmes (any verse), Star Trek (any verse), Dr. Who, Firefly, Buffyverse or Eureka. 

If there’s a fandom you’re interested in that's not listed – ask –I may try it if I know it (and if it's anime, yaoi manga or Science Fiction - odds are I do).  While I have OTPs for most of these fandoms, I am willing to try different pairings for this exercise so I won’t limit the actual pairing – just so it’s a slash pair/three or moresome.

If I don’t get 13 offers (and odds are I won’t) - I’ll just make up my own since this is a challenge to me to get some writing done!  I’m feeling the need to be inspired so feel free to leave more than one requests.  I’ll make sure the first 13 prompts from 13 people get written first, but if I don’t have 13 people, then I’ll come back and write additional prompts. 
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Halloween Slashabbles 2011 is done! Here is the Master List (by fandom/pairing) in case you missed any. There are Slashabbles from Harry Potter, Black Butler, The Finder Series, Vampire Knight, and Yami no Matsuei. Thanks to everyone who left a prompt!

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Title:  Bat Wings and Worse Things
For:  [personal profile] dandru
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus and Harry
Prompt: Bat wings and magic brew
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball:  Treat
Word Count:  100 X 3
Warnings:  None
Rating:  PG
Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter nor do I make money on this.
A/N:   AU in that Sirius is alive (and EWE). So this is the last entry for my 13 days of Halloween Slashabbles.  I hope you have enjoyed my little tales!
Bat Wings and Worse Things )

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Title: Presences of Ghosts Past
For: starduchess
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Severus, Godric/Salazar
Prompt: Ghostly Scares in the Shrieking Shack
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball: Trick
Word Count: 100 X 5
Warnings: Past suicide, kinda dub-con?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor do I make money on this.
A/N: I did this as Remus/Snape not Snape/Remus. Hope that's okay! This is Harry's 3rd year. Slight AU since I made up Godric/Salazar stuff!

Presences of Ghosts Past )
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Title: Picnic in the Graveyard
For: Me!!
Prompt: Picnic in the Graveyard
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Kaname/Zero
Word Count: 100 X 2
Warnings: Vampirism, implied non-con
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball: Trick
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight nor do I make money on this.

Picnic in the Graveyard )

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Title: What’s New, Pussycat?
For: My Mother (with apologies to Tom Jones)
Prompt: What’s New, Pussycat? 
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Word Count: 100 X 2
Warnings: None except for possible misuse of the word for cat…
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball: Treat
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter nor do I make money on this. 
What's New, Pussycat? )
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Title: Candyman
For: [personal profile] branchandroot 
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
Prompt: Trick or Treating and the resulting sugar high
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Word Count: 100 X 2
Warnings:  None
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball:  Treat
Rating: PG-13
A/N:  I didn’t get the trick or treating in but I did get the sugar high!
Candyman )
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Title: Bobbing for Apples
For:  [personal profile] lilyseyes 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompt: First Halloween
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Word Count: 100 X 3
Warnings: Oral sex, role playing
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball: Treat
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor do I make money on this. I just like playing!

Bobbing for Apples )

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Title: An Honorable Halloween
For:  [personal profile] dancing_serpent 
Fandom: The Finder Series
Prompt: Pumpkin carvings and other weird customs
Pairing: Asami/Fei Long
Word Count: 100 X 3
Warnings: None
Trick/Treat/Popcorn Ball: Treat
Rating:  PG-13
Disclaimer:  I don’t own the Finder Series, nor do I make money on this.
A/N:  Note this is long before Asami ever meets Akihito and AU as I’m having Fei Long’s father live long enough to do business with Asami here… ; )  This is the first time I've written in this fandom so hope I did okay!
An Honorable Halloween )


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