Dec. 15th, 2012

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Title: Holiday Spirits (A Tibbs Christmas Carol)
Author's Notes: This was done for the 2012 Tibbs_Yuletide fest. This trope has probably been done to death and I’m sure someone somewhere has already done a NCIS Christmas Carol but this is my take on it. Takes place after Sins of the Father. Also, I got this done way too late to be reviewed by a beta so all mistakes are my own. I apologize ahead of time for that.
Warnings: Some m/m sex but it’s fairly light. It’s pretty much making out and hand jobs. Sorry. Some adult language. There’s also a lot of talking for a certain functional mute. I also apologize if chapter 1 seems a little thinky and slow but it’s needed to set up Gibbs’ state of mind.
Spoilers: All shows up to Sins of the Father. Pretty much any major plots be spoiled here. Also, it helps if you know all of the episodes since there are a lot of very quick flashbacks.
Characters / Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: R
Genre / Category: Romance, Holiday fluffiness, Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: About 23k. Yeah - it got a little out of control. Break out the spiked eggnog, sit back and read it while you drink. Then I can blame the typos and mistakes on your alcohol-impaired reading abilities.
Disclaimer: I don’t own NCIS, A Christmas Carol or It’s a Wonderful Life. I don’t make any money on this either.

Additional author’s note: Beware of tenses! Since we have “Ghosts of Past, Present and Future”, flashbacks and flashforwards(?), there may be places I missed changing the tense appropriately. I hope not. Dialogue heard by characters in ‘visions’ has been italicized in the hopes it helps keep the ‘visions’ somewhat separated from Jethro’s ‘current’ experience.


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